One Piece Character: Keara Picture

In English:
She's a much crazy (get along with Luffy and Usopp XD) but is serious when she wants ^ ^ And like him all but Zoro
Her favorite pastime is to tease Zoro either hesitating or bothersome nap or whatever (anything goes because he is a grumpy XD)
As a child ate a mythicizen nut also giving the power to communicate with animals (well, actually it's just a bond that unites nature and can use it to their advantage, for what she want when you want: both animals, elements and plants. the truth is that it is very practical.) ^ ^ But besides that she can convert animals in other mythological creatures for as long as she need (It's also very handy) ^ ^
It is also a great warrior and his specialty is an attack on two swords, so that rivals much with Zoro and he dislike her. ^ ^
She is very cute and funny. But she has a weakness: love animals and so often loves squeezing Chopper while not stop saying how nice he is ^ ^
She is known on the seven seas as the Beastmaster

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