Ilmarinen and the Golden Bride Picture

"A queen of gold i made
A silver bride i built
From the northern summer night
From the winter moon
Responded not my girl
No beating heart i felt
I brought no sighs to the silver lips
No warmth from the gold..."

~ Amorphis - "Silver Bride"

More Finnish mythology. What can I say, there's some wonderfully weird and scary tales in that old Kalevala of theirs.

This is yet another of the feats that the blacksmith Seppo Ilmarinen accomplished, though with far lesser a degree of success than the Sampo or the sky.
Ilmarinen's first wife was killed by a rather nasty curse invoked by a guy called Kullervo, who turned their cattle into bears which then ate her.
Heartbroken, Ilmarinen somehow got the bright idea of forging a new wife out of gold. Unfortunately, this was one of those ideas that worked great on paper, but not so well in practice, as the lyrics above suggest.

I'm pretty proud of this one. Feel free to knock me down a few pegs though.

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