Futakuchi-Onna Picture

My version of the japanese Futakuchi-Onna, we had to do a creepy sort of mythic creature for a coloring book project in my fundamentals of design class.

Don't worry, we won't actually be giving these to children. So I'm not harming any younglings' psyche. ha ha

for those of you who do not know, a Futakuchi-Onna is a mythic demon wife. Back in the day the men used to prize women who ate sparingly. And eventually suspicion would arise as to how these women actually got sustenance. The myth goes that the woman secretly had a very hungry and very demonic second mouth in the back of her head, hidden by hair. and when she got too hungry the mouth would screech loudly and take matters into it's own hands... (or snake like tendrils of hair). The hair would snake around the woman's head, on it's own and help itself to her meals, feeding the mouth in the back of her head.

Isn't that so cool! ahahaha
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