Puck and Fluffy Picture

A whole page of Puck and Fluffy, yay.

Anyway I got a comment on his last picture where someone mentioned he looked like he had an interesting story...

He didn't. I hadn't really made one for him... So I decided I wanted to. So I dived back into my first twu wuv: Fantasy, Fairytales, and folk lore. Remembering all the tails about Puck, and the Faeries and that shakespearean crap I flipped through my books and such, and a few other characters of mine gathered together and suddenly I had an idea for a fantasy story in the first time and ages...

It felt invigorating, and refreshing, and I was just dying to design the characters even if they were human.

So, heres Puck, and Fluffy.. and in the story Puck is indeed that Puck from mythology, though with a few differences. He's a human who ate fruit in the faerie realm after being taken there for both impressing and offending a faerie (though think more elf when I say faerie here...) his reward for impressing them was to be taken to their realm where he was introduced at court. Unfortunately Puck was a street urchin so he ate the food of the faerie folk and became tied to their world. He couldn't leave.

The last bit is taken from classic mythology about the fair folk, in particular the Sidhe I believe.

As for his punishment for offending that one faerie... well... In classic mythology a lot of faeries are said to steal healthy human children and replace them with changelings... You see where I'm going with this. I may reveal more if I get around to uploading other images of characters.

Anyway, i realize theres tons of issues with these images, and the anatomy is bad in some areas... and its a sketchy sketch mess of BLAH, but eh... I was too lazy to really clean it up. Its mostly concept doodles anyway.

I did spend a rather interesting few hours looking at midieval clothing designs and I'm not sure to be horrified or amused that I know what a doublet and grommets are.

My version of Puck's still a necromancer though, and really he's only a version of the puck in relation to the story mentioned above. The rest of the time he's just a human named puck. Because Puck's cool, as are most trickster deities and such.
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