MMD Inuyasha's Theme Original Animation Picture

Japanese folklore has elements of nostalgia, melancholy and drama built into them, at least from what I can gather from watching animes based on the theme. I wanted to capture all of those elements in a video that only lasts slightly over a min, especially since I was working with a highly emotive music clip.

Admittedly I was initially stumped on a unifying concept to carry out this project. That was until I came across the Cass Fox character model whilst looking for a suitable narrator for a recent tutorial that I made. She's a fox demon girl - a 'yokai' - not just an anime girl with ears and tails stuck to her.

Fox demons in modern interpretations are much watered down from the way they were perceived in traditional Asian (Japanese and Chinese) mythology. Originally, they were dangerous predatory creatures that seduced men and ate their livers. The Cass Fox model certainly has the 'look' to not only be 'cute' but with careful presentation an element of that underlying dangerous nature could be represented making her ideal for this project as Inuyasha himself is a half-demon.

The music demanded a serious traditional style treatment so I borrowed on a theme that I've seen in the genre of animes that were set in the post-war period in Japan. It was a time of reconstruction and change as Japan recovered from the ravages of WW2 and was developing into the industrial and technical power house that it is today. Just as we in America look back to that period with a degree of nostalgia (aka Fonze and Happy Days for example) the Japanese have a very different viewpoint that I find charming and I wanted to capture elements of it in this presentation.

Please give this video a view and let me know what you think. Hopefully you will find it different, emotive and an enjoyable experience.


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Cass Fox: Mikakkkkk - more info on this character:…
Temple: nayuta10x115
Skydome: UssiP

MME: Koze (compositional tool) / Serious Shader / Temple model's custom shader / Adult Shader / BeamMan's Masslight / Diffusion 7 / o_Overlay_blur / o_psSepia / MirrorWF

Rendered using MMD 9.10
Codec: Xvid

Other software: PMD / Audacity / Photoshop 7

Music: Inuyasha's theme (part used only)
Motion, camera, lighting and gravity: original work
Continue Reading: Ate