Ammit Picture

Ammit was a dog demon in Egyptian mythology, who, after a deceased person's heart was weighed against Ma'ats feathers, ate a person's heart if it was heavier than the feather.

When Ammit ate the heart of a person whose heart was heavy with the sins he had committed, was the person either sentenced to eternal suffering in the Duat, or it was as if the person had never existed.

Ammit was typically depicted with a crocodile head and a lion anterior part, and her abdomen was a hippopotamus

Ammit I've made has brown fur with black spikes between. tip of snout and long tail. it has feet and strong body. tried to do it, it resembles so much a normal animal, which was slightly to a failure.
hope that the picture is good enough

this picture belongs to Fableworld. please don´t steal
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