Diva Hiddleston Picture

Tony Stark: "Yeah. That's just a preview, this will be opening night. Loki's a full-tilt diva. He wants flowers, he wants parades, he wants a monument built in the skies with his name plastered... Sonofabitch!" </span>

My secret Santa this last month was torakspackbrother ~ They asked for a Tom Hiddleston Loki..... I felt like this about summed up his character lol. Also... Don't judge me, I'm in a sketch mood. I just wanted something loose & fun..... Not sure how well I succeeded, but I free handed this in papermate ballpoint pen then colored in my typical copic shtuffs & prisma brush liners. Why a chibi? Um.... Why not? It just happened.

One more note, I have more things to post (that I was supposed to post last week, but I will make a journal about why things ate my time soon.) but that will have to be tomorrow. I just realized that I was supposed to post this today.... This is my March trade for
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