#34 - Harpy the Valravn Picture

Someone on tumblr first introduced me to the possibility of trying use Nordic Mythology in the MLP universe and they had used the Valravn for a sort of gryphon subspecies, which I loved the concept of! Found them here on dA too, Eponia Valravn.

A Valravn is from the Nordic myths, a creature either in the form of a black raven or a mix between a raven and a wolf. There are many different stories about them. Either cursed people, or the ghosts of bad people, or a creature all on its own among the regular monsters out to get people. Connected to the myths coming from how ravens ate the dead on battlefields and alike and definitely couldn't be anything good.

I had a gryphon OC already, which only needed a slight twerking and bam, instant Valravn of my own. Although this sketch was done very fast to meet a deadline, I'm pretty cool with the final result. She's looking pretty good there.

Not much more to say, so enjoy.
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