In the Nightside of Eden Picture

Entering in:

This is a recurring theme because in a way we are all tempted by the "serpent" to eat the apple everyday of our lives. We are the ones that have to choose if we want to know all (or do evil, or whatever), or live in a world that's all comfortable, safe, and sheltered because we have no idea what is really going on (or be a goody-two shoes.) It's something that can relate to everyone and it is a theme that is on-going until the end of the world, I guess. At least that is my interpretation.

In the narrative, the Garden of Eden, Eve is quizzed by the serpent why she avoids eating of this tree. In the dialogue between the two, Eve elaborates on the commandment not to eat of its fruit. She says that even if she touches the tree she will die. The serpent then says that she will not die, rather she would become like God, knowing good and evil. The account then states that the tree became desirable to look at and that Eve
ate of its fruit. Later she gave some to Adam and he also ate. At that point they became aware of their nakedness, their eyes becoming opened and, when they heard God calling out to them, they became afraid and hid from him. God finds them, confronts them, expresses a prophetic judgement against the serpent first, then Eve, then Adam. God then expels them from Eden. In order to guarantee the punishment of death and to keep Adam and Eve from partaking of the Tree of Life, (which would give them perpetual life), God places cherubim to guard against any entrance into the garden with an omnidirectional "flaming" sword, preventing Adam and Eve from returning in the future.


This qualifies as an initiation to me because it is the beginning of all temptation. Yet again, we deal with temptation everyday of our lives, and this event could have been the initiating ceremony.


OKAY! This took me forever to do, so I decided to put it in quite a few contests, so I might finally place in one! I think this is my best piece of digital art to date, so please tell me what you think of it! Thanks. Now for my stockers! (Only 2 this time
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