Lamashtu Picture

Lamashtu (Akkadian): "she who erases". In Mesopotamian religion daughter of the sky god Anu, one of the greater gods, she had seven names and was often described in incantations as the “seven witches”. Equipped with a hairy human body, the head of a lioness, teeth and ears of a donkey, and bird feet with sharp talons, she is often shown standing or kneeling on a donkey, nursing a pig and dog, and holding snakes [link] . Even she's describing as a demon, in wedge script the spelling shows she's more than usual demon, that she's a goddess.
She does evil for her own pleasure. Lamashtu's principle victims were unborn. Slipping into the house of a pregnant woman, she tried to touch the woman's stomach seven times to kill the child. She would poison newborns by abducting the child from its wet nurse and feeding it with it her own toxic milk. Mothers could also be killed, and she sometimes ate the flesh and drank the blood of adult men, although it is not stated whether they were the fathers or just randomly picked individuals. She also disturbed sleep and brought nightmares.
Her consort was Pazuzu. He was the only one who could control and banish her.

Mesopotamian Incantation Prayer Against Lamashtu :
Great is the daughter of Heaven who tortures babies
Her hand is a net, her embrace is death
She is cruel, raging, angry, predatory
A runner, a thief is the daughter of Heaven
She touches the bellies of women in labor
She pulls out the pregnant women’s baby
The daughter of Heaven is one of the Gods, her brothers
With no child of her own.
Her head is a lion’s head
Her body is a donkey’s body
She roars like a lion
She constantly howls like a demon-dog.

Well, I've decided to do my own version of Lamashtu, not so ugly as the demonology describes her
used media : aquarell, watercolous, pencil, black pen, black marker, corrector, relief paint, dry chalks, acrylic, decorative gloss.
Dunno why I always have problem with the cathegory and section of art
dedicated for lady Danae Invidia
edited : now it's larger + better quality, so You can see every detail
c'mon, watch the full view!
dedicated for my friend Invidia
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