Last Sight Picture

Hahah, I like how every single time I'm like 'Man I hate this coloring technique', and yet I continue using it. XDD;; I'm going to have to force myself to experiment sometime. Fffffahhhh.

Well, didn't turn out quite the way I had in my head, but it's not too bad. Not really used to drawing deer!

This issss a peryton. Or, kind of. ;D Someone being transformed into a peryton. Hence the magic and the glowing eyes. ...and fangs.
Yeah, I kind of ran out of room to draw the wings properly. XDD SO YOU GET SOME CHEAP, FOLDED THINGS.
Also couldn't think of anything to title it, doop doop

I plan on doing a kind of study sheet sometime, but for now I think I'll just explain them.

-In regular world mythology, Peryton were said to be half deer half bird (or even just a winged deer), and blue or green in color. When they flew, the shadows they projected were in the shape of a man. Apparently they were carnivorous, but mythology also says that once they ate a man, their shadows and habits would change back into normal deers. If you look in the AD&D monster manual (2nd ed), you get this picture of a black deer head on a green eagle's body. It is spectacularly ugly.

-On Atrium (my world), they were a bit different. They weren't so much mythology as creatures that actually did exist, but were hunted to extinction some centuries ago. A couple physical specimens remain in some museums and private collections. They have the front halves of deer, back halves of birds, normal shadows, and their coloration is a lot more natural, allowing them to blend in with herds of real deer. (In this case, I colored him vaguely like a red deer.)
They were carnivores, no matter how many people they ate. Some peryton were said to be able to speak human language, and there was a myth saying that 'it ate man's tongue so that it may become it's own.'

Aaaand I woke up super early (for me) today, so that's all I feel like writing up right now. XD

The magic circle brush I used was made by obsidian-dawn, but I'm not sure who made the blood texture I used in the background. >__<;; The overall texture on him is from CG Textures though.
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