Xerenas, God Of Life Picture

Had a creativity spurt, and decided to make more Pokemon anthro characters. However, decided to put a bit more thought behind these ones, being legendaries and all. (And possible antagonists for some of my other pokemon anthros.) And after a bit of research, what I found was pretty interesting. The legendaries from Pokemon X and Y were based on Norse mythology and the World Tree "Yggdrasil." Instead of putting my interpretation here, I'll post what the Wiki says.
"Xerneas's appearance is based on a cervid in the shape of the letter X (known as a saltire in heraldry) or an X mark. It may incorporate elements of Eikþyrnir and the four stags Dáinn, Dvalinn, Duneyrr and Duraþrór. Eikþyrnir resides in Valhalla eating the foliage of Læraðr with glowing horns that drip with dew. According to the Poetic Edda, the four stags resided in the trunk of the World Tree Yggdrasil and ate its branches and fresh shoots. Xerneas's tree form may be based on Yggdrasil itself. "
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