Slavic mythology: Azhdaya Picture

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I'm now introducing you with Аждаја (Azhdaya or Dragon). I'm using Slavic terms, coz in their religion, there were 2 types of creatures that are spelled as ''dragons'' - ''azhdaya'' and ''zmay'' (will draw it too).

Azhdaya was the most dreadful of all mythical beings, that is created from snake who either ate another one, or lived about 30-100 years. In stories it was represented as reptile-like creature with odd number of heads (usually 3), who spitted fire, had leathery bat wings, bloated body, scary faces and roar and who was extremely greedy and hungry for everything.
In Slavic belief, azhdaya had to use clouds in order to fly due to being bloated and caused hailstorms. However, there were actual people called ''oblachary'' or ''zduhachy'' who fought against them.

Because of cruel, greedy nature, azhdaya became figure in Christianity too - being mentioned in Bible as another form of devil and being slain by Saint George and Saint Archangel Michael.

Belief in azhdaya is common to every European culture. However Slavs have their own depiction, like here.
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