The cherub that ate my SOUL Picture

One day, I decided to do a bookmark. On one side would be a stairway to heaven with various mythological figures and creatures, and on the back would be a roud to hell with, of course, various mythological figures and creatures. I decided I would do it in vectors, since I hadn't tried it in a while and I thought it might look nice.

All was going well at first; I was about halfway up the stairs and had done the gates of heaven. Then I decided to do the cherub.

Little more than a centimeter tall, I thought it would only take a couple minutes. Then it turned CUTE. Suddenly, I found I couldn't stop wroking on it; it had devoured my soul without my noticing until it was far, far too late.

And so, I slaved away for three days (though they were school days, so it was more like one day broken up), completely forgetting about my homework and comic and life and everything except THE CHERUB.

Now, at last, it is finished, and I can rest in peace. For now. *Ominous music*

Anyway, I think this turned out quite well considering it's the first time I've done something like it... Looks more like a faery than a cherub, though. Not really chubby enough.

Oh, and the small version looks horrid... Full view is much better. >_<;;

Edit: Stuck it in a circle and changed the line colors.

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