Norse Mythology Picture

This is an intaglio print (l[link] if you don't know what that is) that I first made last (school) year as a part of a series in my first printmaking class. This semester was focused on color intaglio so I spent most of it adding color to plates from the previous semester. This print focuses on how death is dealt with in Norse Mythology. The woman in the foreground is Hel, goddess of the underworld. The one on horseback is a Valkyrie, a gardian and messenger of the for-warriors-only heaven called Valhalla.

Gah, sorry I went into semi-essay mode there.

Color intaglio etching, about 8 by 9", color edited in Photoshop to look more true to life (Cause the scanner ate the color)

I might repost this if i get a better scan sometime.
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