Origins of Harmony Picture

A sporadic design that hit me, last night.

Based on the "evil eye" in antiquity and the talismans countering it.
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I don't have much about her, yet, but I'm thinking she's one of...either three, or just the one left. A pony able to repel all discourse/disharmony/curses without need for the Elements. Perhaps she and her sisters (for she had at least two, thousands of years back) are what spawned (or responsible for creating) the Elements of Harmony. She existed before Princesses Celestia and Luna took over the throne (when their parents, Artemis and Helios were still in power) and...I'm not sure what happened to her, exactly, but she somehow became imprisoned in a similar manner as Discord. Perhaps the creation of the Elements came from her and her sisters' lifeforce; a gift to the world at their expense. (She wouldn't die, but perhaps exist in a kind of limbo/suspended animation.) Which means something involving the elements would need to happen for her to be awakened again. As they aren't used for defense in my next gen story it's very possible following the events of Nightmare Reality, she returns. I was originally thinking just her, but unless I can find some explanation as to why her sisters don't come back, I'll need to design them, too.

Many of you know my MLP headcanon/AU plays even further on Mythology than the show already hints at. As such, this idea, I don't think, is TOO farfetched.

Her eyes are based on the anti-evil eye (I'm not sure what to call it). Her cutie mark on Astraea, one of the last Gods of the golden age, and a representation of innocence and purity.

The lovely
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