ZODIAC - Virgo Picture

ZODIAC - Virgo

DUALITY: Feminine.
RULING PLANET: Mercury: Ancient God of Communication and Commerce. In Astrology, Mercury rules Intelligence, Reason and predisposes toward a high-strung temperament.
SYMBOL: The Virgin: Representing Purity, Modesty, Industriousness and Service to fellow workers.
KEYWORD: I Analyze.
BIRTHSTONE: Sapphire: Brings Tranquility of Mind and protects against Illness and Injury.
COLOR: Navy Blue and Gray: Classic Colors of Refinement and Taste.
FLOWERS: Morning Glory and Pansy.
TREES: Nut-Bearing Trees.
METAL: Mercury.

The Greeks and Romans associated Virgo with their goddess of wheat/agriculture, Demeter-Ceres who is the mother of Persephone-Proserpina. Alternatively, she was sometimes identified as the virgin goddess Iustitia or Astraea, holding the scales of justice in her hand as the constellation Libra.
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