New 'Sona - Astraea Picture

My new 'sona! (I hate calling it a fursona just cause its so furry and I'm not a furry...I just have animal characters ^^) Shes a Clouded Leopard named Astraea which is from Greek mythology ^^ It means star which I thought fit cause my lil sis calls me seastar...and I like stars xD Umm...and she goes by Rae (Ray) 'cause Astraea is too long.

The only markings that are important and like, will be the same everytime are the ones I've pointed out on the ref. Umm...and that's pretty much it!

Penny isn't gone, I'll still use her and draw her and stuff ^^ I just kept wanting to change her too much and make her, like, not the same so I decided to make a new one...and Clouded Leopards are my favorite animals ^^

Oh! And I used refs of Simba from The Lion King for you can probably tell xD
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