Estella Astraea OC Star Maiden Picture

This is an OC I made her name is Estella (which is English and Latin for Star). She is based on Greek Mythology little is known about her it's also not legit who her father and mother is most said that her father is Astraeus "Titan of Dusk" mother is Eon "Goddess of Dawn" or Zeus and Themis. She and her mother were both personifications of justice, though Astraea was also associated with innocence and purity and while she was on earth help Queen Elizabeth to create a Utopia. In this character design I put her in her child form due to her adult form making men fall in love with her and she remain to be a virgin but she still tries to bless them. She a According to legend Astrea will one day come back to Earth but she is part of the constellation of Virgo.
I really hope you guys like her I'm trying to create my own characters I still love making fanart but their just not mine and this will help me think more creatively and maybe hope it can inspire you guys as well.
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