Rory Allbright III Picture


Name: Rorrick “Rory” Charles Allbright III
Age: 26
Position: Doctor/Surgeon (Cardiothoracic)

Healing Touch: With a background in lung and heart transplants alike, Rory's Healing Touch stabilizes the patient's lungs and O2 sats for a brief period, length depending on how well the shape is drawn, as they work to save the other organs.

Personality: Rory loves cracking jokes, though they can be a bit caustic at times. However, he is extremely serious once he scrubs up. Stone-faced and almost like a general in the OR, he gets the job done. His bedside manner leaves something to be desired, but he generally gets his well-meaning nature across. On his off time, he can usually be scuba-diving in the nearest water location to satisfy his daredevil nature (usually alone), though a bad case of the bends nearly took his life once. He can be a bit of a worrywort though, especially when one of his bottom-listed patients seems to be running out of time. Don't ever, EVER use the phrase "Crikey mate!" around him unless you'd like your clock cleaned. Deep down though, he's a good guy.

Hobbies: Scuba diving, rugby, horseracing, offroading, and playing guitar

Likes: Shy girls, successful transplants, strong coffee, Greek mythology, adventure and his (many) pet fish.

Dislikes: Trips to the dentist, atheists, back aches (he gets frequent ones), smoking/people who smoke, people who empty the coffee pot and don’t make more, and bouncy preppy music and/or elevator music..

Background: Rory hails from Australia from a line of....surprisingly, dentists. XD He doesn't like to be reminded of it though, since he and his younger brother broke the tradition (much to the disappointment of their father, Rorrick Sr.) and followed into careers of medicine and the Airforce (Rory did a brief stint as a medical doctor on his brother’s base). This red-haired Aussie looked into becoming a diagnostician at first, but then got sidetracked by lung transplant of his mother, Hallie. Afterwards, he headed off to the US to enroll in John Hopkins University's medical program. Rory's sarcastic nature has precluded him from most friendships, but he's working hard to diminish it. It’s a habit he picked up from his late younger brother, Chase, who died of a pulmonary embolism after being wounded in combat. He wears Chase’s dog tags and a pair of camouflage pants under his coat to commemorate his memory. He's had numerous fellowships in his past, but most bored him, especially when he learned he was blessed by Asclepius, which prompted his application to Meditrina.

Art (c) *DaGeneral
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