Centauro Picture

originally from Greek mythology. Although the stories were first described as a race of giants, absolutely covered with hair, lived in the region of Thessaly, and lived roughly. Very wild dedicated to travel the country while abducted women. But other texts late start to spread the image that has extended to the present: a hybrid, half man and half horse.
Thus, the Centaurs were notoriously violent and enjoy pleasures like wine, women and hunting. They are considered the embodiment of feelings like anger and therefore representatives of barbarism and male lust.
Some centaurs, as Pholus and Chiron, escaped to the reputation of savagery. Pholus, hosted Hercules and his friends and Chiron, learned the arts of medicine and was also wise, just and such notables as guardian of Asclepius, the Greek god of medicine.
In Christianity, the centaur is a symbol of man tormented by the struggle between good and evil.
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