History of Medicine Picture

"The History of Medicine"

However, that's the theme of the Painting, this painting i name it "Hope".

This piece of work is painted on Canvas with Acrylic. This piece of work is going to be submitted as a work for Art Competition at [link]

My idea on this work is semi-monochromatic style using only White, Black and Yellow.
The styles are influenced from the painting,"Six winged Seraph" by Mikhail Vrubel, a Russian Symbolist artist.

The story of this painting:-
on the bottom, there is a dominant box which is the "Pandora Box". In my opinion, i believed that ailments/sicknesses are come from the causes of box.

The Box represents the Cause which is the Past.

Then the body, is filled with misery and suffering. Which in the past, not much medicine could cure most of the ailments; thus, people suffered. Death is noticeable on the left claiming a life of a guy who is trying hard to grab the hand of his loves one.

On the other hand, medicine from the past couldn't able to cure animal as well, horse is drawn inside.

To the right, Asclepius and Angel of Hope are drawn in it.

Asclepius from Greek Mythology is a Demigod of Medicine and healing.Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts, while his daughters Hygieia, Meditrina, Iaso, Aceso, and Panacea (literally, "all-healing") symbolize the forces of cleanliness, medicine and healing, respectively.

Then 2 humans kneel and pray to them indicating the Hope has appeared in front of them. This tells that the medicine has finally invented.
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