Nidhogg carrying Relics Picture

Relics have been in my on-line game Battling Dragons for quite some time now, and more artifacts of mythology are added on irregular intervals. Now that I have a small, randomized News Box in the sidebar of my site, I needed an image to go along with the new additions. Since this image only needed to be 100x100 pixels, I decided not to let the image go to waste and chuck it here.

Nidhogg, the Helwyrm of Norse mythology, is the mascot of Reality's End and really the star of Battling Dragons. Although it hardly shows up, a Draconce stone is set on his head, being the center of the background light. What really takes over the entire picture is the Staff of Asclepius the dragon carries. Amazingly, legend never assigned a name to this item; in the game, I simply call it Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer, as it is a staff that bears a serpent and the name of Asclepius' constellation.

Rouch pencil sketch colored on Adobe.
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