Sailor Eshmun Picture

My big problems with this:
- OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO HER LEFT HAND/ARM? It looked fine and then I inked it and suddenly it looked like this, I swear, how did I not see it until it was too late?!
- I wanted to make her eyes pale blue. It just seemed natural with her colors. But then I thought "a pale blue-eyed blonde? Too predictable, that's not gonna stand out...maybe I should make her eyes pink, most of the canon senshi have eyes that correspond toone of their their colors" but then I did make them pink and it look REALLY WEIRD somehow so I went over it with purple but that looked wrong so I went over that with a dark blue....I should have just made them pale blue. Pretend they are please!
- Her lips too, I wanted to make them pretty and pink but instead it looks like she has a hugely wide mouth and wearing too much garish lipstick

Another one of the Elohim Senshi, who live in another Solar System and are based on the ancient Canaanite deities. Read more on the post of the first one I put up, Sailor Dagon, and do check out Sailor Baal too!……

- Eshmun was a god of healing, and so Sailor Eshmun is the healer of the Elohim Senshi

-Her colors are white and pink, and her metal is platinum (which I tried to make distinct from Dagon's silver as best I could). Her fuku is special in that no matter how much blood, brain fluid, pus, etc. gets on it, it can never be stained. And, yes, with what her powers are, all of that does indeed happen, much to her prim disgust.

- The god Eshmun was closely associated with the Greek healer god Asclepius, so I decided to give Sailor Eshmun an asklepian (serpent-entwined rod used by Asclepius) with a pink milkweed flower at the top, since milkweed was also associated with Asclepius and thought to have healing properties. Sailor Eshmun uses it to focus and control her power; she can use her abilities without it, but they'll lack the focus and control, meaning they might heal wounds on a patient but they're just as likely to, say, cause tumors to start growing instead. Sometimes she'll deliberately use her powers without the rod against her enemies, hoping that something like this will happen, but it's always a gamble since they might also be healed instead.

- Just as Sailor Dagon is very smart in creative terms and Sailor Baal is very smart in practical terms, Sailor Eshmun is very smart in academic terms, and even smarter in social terms.

- According to Damascius, a pagan philosopher who lived in the 5th and 6th centuries, Eshmun is the brother of Castor and Pollux from Greek mythology. Since Castor and Pollux make up the sign Gemini in Western astrology, I decided to give Sailor Eshmun several qualities associated that sign: Intellectually-inclined and always gathering information, does very well in social settings (at least high-class ones, in Eshmun's case), can rationalize anything, very elegant and charming, witty, but can be superficial, devious, and so strongly prefers the "lighter" side of life that it can be hard to drag her into anything deep as a soldier or as a planetary leader.

- I imagine her as a sort of Edwardian high society lady, really, all about elegant parties and witty conversation, the type who is very well-educated and smart but is more likely to use her wit as a social tool, to impress or insult others, than anything else. She's so good at being poised and polite that you can never quite tell what is actually going through her mind, and she uses her intelligence to scheme as well, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing depending what for.

- Underneath all the polite conversations and demurely dazzling wit and forging good social connections, though, this perfect hostess is actually very cold, judging others by their class and intelligence, and very emotionally detached in the decisions she makes as the queen of her planet, all brain and no heart. She seems like a light-as-air debutante, and that's how she prefers to spend most of her days, but ultimately she's probably the most ruthless of the Elohim Senshi.

- The Planet Eshmun is known for its diplomacy, as well as the production site and exporter of numerous medicines that can be found nowhere else and are much-needed throughout the Elohim System
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