RPC- Elijah Picture

This is my RPC for Anthony's rp, let's call it ARP for now. It's about mythological creatures xD.

Name is Elijah.... hmm I have a habit of naming my characters with guys' name cause I just find it cute ^.^

She's 11 for now, well I wanna draw an adult version too. Daughter of Asclepius -the god of healing and medicine, so basically she can heal <3. But she uses a gun as a weapon- just self- trained, her human non-bio dad works in the military.. that explains why.

DOB: December 18
Heritage: asian?
Height: 4'10 until she grows to 5'2
Weight: 100 lbs. no more grow bigger

-listening to Wan Mei Bi Li
-reminds me of Jan Di of Boys Over Flowers
original work: [link]
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