Comm: Dragon Legacy Cycle Logo Picture

"The Humans want them gone because they are demons, they want to reclaim what is there's and heal what the humans have damaged, prophesy tells of a 'human dragon' which will bring an end to it..."

My friend *shadowsofthought requested that I create original icons and logos for his gallery folders on DeviantArt. I ended up liking the some of the icons so much that I thought I'd post a few of them as deviations.

Here's the title logo for his epic Dragon Legacy Cycle book series, which focuses on the life-death-rebirth tales of Nature and Earth through the eyes of Dragons and Humans. I really wanted to make it appear in the style of a black-and-white medieval wood-cut engraving. It was my own idea to use the Ouroboros ("tail-devourer"), an ancient religious and mythological symbol depicting a serpent or dragon swallowing its own tail and forming a circle to sustain its life, symbolizing the cyclic Nature of the Universe of creation out of destruction, which represents self-reflexivity or cyclicality, the eternal return of life-death-rebirth. This self-eating, circular being has been depicted in the following ways:
• Astrological symbol
• Alchemical purifying sigil
• Gnostic duality of existence
• Masonic symbol
• Rod of Asclepius and Caduceus, the wand of Hermes, a snake-entwined staff representing medicine in the West and human DNA
• Judo-Christian sea serpent, the Leviathan
Roman mythology of Sisyphus and his boulder
• Ancient Egypt deity, Apep
Norse sea serpent, Jörmungandr
• Hindu folk-mythological tortoise, Kurma encircled by a snake
• West African demi-god Aidophedo
• Yoruban rainbow serpent, Oshunmare
• Mesoamerican "feathered-serpent" deity, Quetzalcoatl
• Hindu (Vedic) King of Nagaas, Shesha
• Vedic Asura serpent/dragon, Vrtra
• Iranian character, Zahhāk
• Australian Aboriginal motif, the Rainbow Serpent
• Western equivalent of the Taoist yin-yang
• Kundalini Yoga's symbol of energy
• Chinese dragon chasing the Precious Pearl
• Chinese dragon and phoenix chasing each other
• Chinese dragon in the heaven and White Tiger on earth
• Japanese legendary snake, Tsuchinoko
• Tibetan Buddhist's endless knot
• Zen Ensō
• Mandala Circle
• Borromean rings
• Möbius strip
• Hoop snake from Pecos Bill stories
• AURYN talisman from The Neverending Story
I thought this was a fun away to bring an ancient, worldly, psychological, individualistic, multi-cultural symbol into the epic tales. I wanted to use the Ouroboros from early alchemical text because it had the two beings — the dragon and the serpent, which can represent heaven-hell, nature-earth, nature-nurture, natural-supernatural, life-death, creation-destruction, rich-poor, good-evil, day-night, black-white, negative-positive, parent-child, man-woman, angel-demon, human-dragon, yin-yang, etc, in a separate-but-equal, never-ending circle. Check out the Dragon Legacy Cycle books at HERE.

Medium - Photoshop.

Logo © Diane N. Tran.
Dragon Legacy Cycle © Thomas "Shadow" Walker.
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