Umbrella of Aesculapius Picture

My new tattoo!!
It was supposed to be done yesterday on my 18th birthday, but it turned out that it couldn't be done until today. I don't care, because I had a fabulous birthday that I probably wouldn't have had otherwise, and I have it now and it looks great!!

The umbrella is something pretty meaningful to me. I love them in the first place, and it reminds me of home (I live in Oregon, where it's rare to go a week without rain), and it also seems like a cheerful, protective, and welcoming symbol.
I added the snake because I wanted something more, and I love snakes. I played around with the design, and ended up getting it to look like the Staff/Rod of Aesculapius AKA the medical symbol.
So there we have it: Umbrella, snake, medicine, and greek mythology. I'd say I'm quite happy with it.
I may at some time get the umbrella and/or the snake colored in.

The guy who did it played around with my original design ([link]) a bit, and I really love what he did with it. Specifically the head of the snake.

Oh yeah, and it's just above my ankle on the outside of my right leg.
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