YourOwnPersonalV i R u S Picture

This is the shiny surprise you've all been waiting for.
Well, one of them.
I know, it's a big let-down, but the others won't be finished until I get a new linearting pen :\
This is Kapeora (I did not rip off of the owl's name from my Zelda nerdism what are you talking about.), and he is the mythical creature I came up with for my Advanced Literature class project. We finished studying Mythology (with the Greek/Roman Gods etc.) a couple of weeks ago, and we were assigned a project. Here's what I turned in. c:
He is MY character, please refrain from stealing or zombies will find you and chew on your brains.
Gah, I know, the scanner killed it. >.<;
I know there are several things wrong with its anatomy. It's supposed to have rather screwed up anatomy. That's the way I created it.
Oh, I did those paws by myself without reference!
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