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I was postponing this, but today I got the guts to do it… finally!

So, some things are obvious and some aren’t, so I’m gonna make a list of all of them.

1 – Star Wars

2 – Lord of the Rings: my mom and I read it when I was seven years old and for some years everything that I wrote or imagined resembled LotR.

3 – Harry Potter

4 – Lion King: I saw this movie so many times that the video tape is ruined…

5 – Greek Mythology: simply love it, especially Ares and Hades…

6 – Ancient Egyptian stuff: I mean everything. The culture, the gods, everything.

7 – Picasso: my favourite artist ever.

8 – Quino: especially the character Filipe.

9 – Anime: every single kind.

10 – Japan

11 – Medieval times.

12 – Music.

13 – Vampires.

14 – Lucifer.

15 – Final Fantasy VII

16 – Agatha Christie: I didn’t like the crime style much, but she made me see that it’s interesting and a real challenge to write.

17 – “A Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert A. Heinlein: the best sci-fi book that I ever read.

18 – Luis Royo.

19 – Antero de Quental: along with all the other amazing Portuguese poets from the 18th and 19th century.

20 – My star sign, Scorpio.

21 – Gato Fedorento: a group of four Portuguese comedians.

22 – deviantART itself.

23 – The planet Earth and the world as a community: and every time I see a picture like this I remember the words of Yuri Gagarin “The Earth is blue.”

24 – Love.

Blank Influence Map by `fox-orian can be found here: [link]
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