Apollo and others WIP Picture

I am pretty sure I will have the full pantheon if this keeps going xD

Started with four, now there is another three, and hopefully soon another one, The embodiment of Doom! >D

these guys are based of the Greek Gods by their names
Deimos , God of Terror son of the God of War (no, not Kratos... xD)
Apollo , God of Light and Sun, Healing, Music, Poetry and more (yep the one with the carriage and flaming horses I dunno xD)
Anteros, God of Returned Love, and avenger of Unrequited Love and brother to Eros

Just because I wanted to get more of these guys involved in the RP I am doing with Keno, though, not sure if they will get claimed, so may or may not add them to my list of smexy guys looking for someone
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