Anteros, ready to fight Picture

"Anteros was the son of Ares and Aphrodite in Greek mythology, given to his brother Eros, who was lonely, as a playmate, the rationale being that love must be answered if it is to prosper."

This Persona was formed from;
The feeling of being worthless and unwanted

It's like when your skull cracks open and there's really nothing there to interest anyone.

You aren't important or even remembered by anyone, it's painful and lonely.

I put ready to fight though, because it can be used as willpower, towards a brighter future.

Anteros, Cupid's brother -> [link]

Love doesn't always have to be Eros to be strong.
Anteros can also be beautiful and soothing, I can try to draw him that way. Because Anteros only mainly represents requited love. . .It can be good, when it is.
Bloody inside when unrequited.
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