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Let me tell you the story whe the Great Battle of Fire and Wind happened. The time when the Spruce Valley was covered by flames and dust, the times when the Four Wind Brothers united and attacked together. It is said it was the hardest time for this place; we sacrificed a lot, but the result of the battle was peace. An eternal peace for our beloved king, Firebreath and, thankfully, all of our enemies.

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Anemoi, the Winds incarnations, come from the Greek mythology and I adapted them for my story - The Elemental Quest.
You can see here Zephyrus (golden), Eurus (jade), Boreas (navy) and Notus (maroon). I will tell you more about them later - let just say they lived a long, long time ago in four sides of the Spruce Valley and united to take control over the land.

And failed miserably.

Firebreath was the current king of Spruce Valley (which wasn't called like that then - read the rest). He fought them, but died during the battle - just when one of the Winds throw him into the river. His son, Sparkle and brother, Fireheart (yeah, Fireppl live so long), had united their powers to defeat the Winds. They created an enormous fire tornado, using their fire and a trick to gain some wind. In the result, all the Wind brothers were exterminated and a huge area of land was devastated. On the burned almost to the rock ground the spruces started to sprout - hence the name of the valley.

The legend says also that after the battle, from the weaker tornado, came the creatures of fire and wind - the ignigriffs.

If you are curious about an actual mythology, auntie Wikipedia will provide you all the necessary information much better than I would.

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