Forever and Never Doodles 2 Picture

More drawings of mythological creatures for Forever and Never, including...

Scylla. From Greek mythology, a nymph who was cursed by Amphitrite as punishment to her husband (Poseidon) for having an affair (with Scylla.) The description I went by describes her as a beautiful oceanid, but a six-headed dog-beast from the waist down. This is a (more-or-less) finished design.

A Vampire Watermelon. Yes, it's really from mythology. Gypsy folklore, to be precise.

Umi-Bozu, a yokai. A giant head, or head-like thing, poking from the water like an iceberg. Don't like this design though.

Ahool. A flying primate cryptid from somewhere in Asia.

A Fiji Mermaid, a hoax from old freak shows. In reality, it was the top half of a baby gorilla sewn to the back half of an exceptionally large fish. Design not finished.

Empousa, a proto-vampire-woman with flaming hair, and two seperate leg types; one leg was bronze and one was that of a goat. I drew it as a troll cyborg.

The Nuckelavee is said to haunt the Orkney Isles, a huge, skinless, sort-of-centauroid thing that can cause disease in livestock simply by thinking it and decay organic matter with its breath.

Old Saybrook Aliens.
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