Char Sketches - Chains of Fate Picture

Another one of my slightly older stories. Valentines' Day always reminds me of it.

The main character is Chris, whose parents are into myths and legends in general. Her father comes back from a trip in Greece with a heart-shaped locket and gives it to Chris before school one day. It's soon clear that it's not a very normal locket: it is in fact a fetter, and inside it rests the spirit of Eros, a disembodied voice foretelling the choosing of temporary Gods for a little gamble of fate. Chris suddenly finds herself inheriting the powers of Aphrodite herself, embroiled in the games of the Gods.
In other words it's a school life story. Bet you didn't see that one coming.

Chris is a bookworm used to observing her fellow classmates. She's quiet and patient and relatively passive in nature. She's not good at organizing, but she holds her own in school work. The exception is when she encounters something she finds unacceptable, whereupon she passionately strives to fight back.
Her fated fetter is that of Aphrodite, within which lies Eros, most commonly known as Cupid. Somewhat mischievous, but treats matters of the heart a bit more seriously. He mostly exists as a disembodied voice from Chris's locket.
Eros refers to the real Aphrodite as a sort of motherly figure for himself, although he is not her son; in mythology, he is merely a loyal servant to her alongside the god of desire, Himeros. His own myth--the original 'Beauty and the Beast' tale--is mentioned int he story.
Chris's sprite's name is Cherub. The sprites act as familiars to their pseudo-deities in the story. Cherub likes attention.
Aphrodite and Eros represent love, war and fire.

Mickey is a bit idiosyncratic; he simply likes what he likes. Luther's word for it is 'hipster.' He likes killer and music and unique T-shirts. He is definitely not afraid to stand up or stand out.
His fetter holds the powers of Hades, and his accompanying compatriot is Macaria, daighter of Hades and Persephone. She quietly looks on and lets Mickey do as he wishes.
Mickey's sprite's name is Cerberus, named for the three-headed dog that guards the gate of the underworld. He tends to zip around without warning, somewhat excitable.
Macaria is a goddess of the dead; specifically, the blessed dead, and those who endanger themselves through their courage. For the purposes of the story, Macaria also retains a bit of her grandmother Demeter's earth affinities.

Luther is a bit well-to-do and a self-made genius. He studies hard and gets good grades; studious and reliable, he is a favorite among the teachers of the school. He doesn't mingle much. He gets along best with his horses.
His fetter is that of Poseidon, and his is companion Triton, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. Being the son of the two main deities of the sea, he is of course a merman, wielding his namesake, a triton, like his father. He doesn't speak a lot, only when asked for advice, and mostly stays tucked quietly inside his fetter unless distinctly called upon.
Luther's sprite is simply named Nymph, a name for the beautiful but generic daughters of the gods. Doesn't zip around quite as much as the other three sprites.
Herald of Poseidon, Triton is known for being the foster father of Athena, as well as guiding a hero or two on their voyages over the Aegean.

Scott is energetic and extroverted, kind and cheerful to everyone equally. He has a habit of inviting people to games of football and soccer and other recreational sports, disregarding gender and physical ability. He's well known throughout the school and has a lot of admirers.
His fetter powers are that of Zeus, and his companion is Pan, a donkey-eared satyr with a taste for music and good-looking women. Rather than helpful, he is encouraging to Scott, and tends to play around, himself.
Scott's sprite is named Mercury, another name for Hermes, the messenger god. Always cheerful and smiling; occasionally hums or whistles.
Zeus is the god of fate and the skies, whereas Pan is of the appreciation of music, translated in the story as a general leaning towards having fun.

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