Amphitrite Picture

Amphitrite, a villain(ess) in my series, ACE. She's a member of the Dingman Empire.

Name: Amphitrite
Squad: Squad 3 (Internationals)
Area: Lost City
Nationality: Greek

A mermaid Reploid named after the wife of Poseidon in Greek Mythology, Amphitrite views herself as the "Princess of the Ocean". She is stuck-up and self-centered, believing that her fellows robots are crude, deplorable serfs. She detests the fact that she rarely gets any respect from them. Using her trident, she can use such water-based powers as summoning waves, whirpools and even mechanical fish minions to wash away and destroy her foes. As long as she is by water or can conjure it forth, her abilities are magnificent. She can also transform her fish-tailed lower half into a pair of legs covered by a short toga, should she need to walk properly on land.
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