Amphitrite Picture

"Amphitrite"! Amphitrite of course is a sea-goddess, sometime-mermaid, Nereid, and wife of the great Poseidon in Greek mythology. I love this painting, it has a great little seascape, a darling cherubic baby (the baby? Perhaps a young Rhode? Baby Triton? Depends which legends you listen to!). The baby is riding on one of the classical dolphin/dragon/fishes that I love - and of course dolphins and many other sea creatures are included in the offspring of Amphitrite. And a nautilus - perhaps it's the mystery of their perfect "golden" spiral shape, but I'm fascinated with Nautilus shells, and love to paint them. I debuted this one at Dragon*Con 2010 in a phenomenal custom frame my husband Matt made for me. My own original acrylic painting. ©Jasmine Becket-Griffith - prints are available at [link] and [link]*
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