Zodiac Star: Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer Picture

name: Ophiuchus [O-phee-oo-ch-us]
human name: Asclepius
alternate name sam gave: Drake
totem: the Serpent Bearer
age: n/a
sex: Male
physical age:
Eyes: grey
Shirt: black with bandages
white doctors coat
scarf and gloves:
black with sign on it and it look like a snake and black gloves
black and grey striped
black and grey
Parents: Apollo and Coronis raised by Chiron aka Sagittarius
Children: Hygieia (daughter), Iaso (daughter), Aceso (daughter), Aglaea (daughter), Panacea (daughter), Meditrina (daughter), Machaon(son), Podalirius (son), Telesphoros (son), Aratus (son)
Natural abilities:


Daimon Physiology - Mimic Greek Daimons and their abilities

[he's not mimicing tho, so this is his powers before he was a constellation]


Poison Manipulation - manipulate poison.


Snake Physiology - Mimic the attributes and/or traits of snakes


Snake Manipulation - Influence and control snakes.

other info:
  • he loves snakes
  • sag is the only one who likes him(in the zodiacs)
  • he's very anti-social
  • he's seen as a wanna be zodiac and that he's the bad guy but he's not
  • snakes are considered demons so everyone thinks hes a demon when hes not
  • he can be any snake but his default is a black mamba
  • his scarf looks like a snake and it can turn into one also when its a scarf it can move around and his name is
  • when hes mad his fangs come out and eyes turn red also black scales start to appear on his body
  • hes 6'0 ft
  • he can turn into a snake himself any size max limit of bigness 100ft tall from head to tail, smallest 3 inches head to tail
  • hes very kind and friendly but the way he dresses and looks scares people.
  • hes a medic and likes to help people even when they hurt him he still will help the person
  • hes considered wise


Ophiuchus is most frequently associated with the Greek mythical figure of Asclepius, son of the god Apollo, who was said to be able to bring people back from the dead with his healing powers.

Asclepius learned how to do this after seeing one snake bringing healing herbs to another. This happened when Glaucus, the son of King Minos of Crete, fell into a jar of honey and drowned. Asclepius saw a snake slithering toward his body and killed it. Then another snake came along and placed a herb on the first one, which miraculously brought the first snake back to life. Asclepius saw this and took the same herb and placed it on Glaucus’ body. The king’s son was miraculously resurrected.

Asclepius was raised by Chiron, the wise centaur, who taught him the art of healing. In one of the myths, Asclepius was given the blood of the Gorgon Medusa by the goddess Athene. The Gorgon’s blood from the veins on her left side was poison, but the blood from the veins on the right side was said to be able to bring people back to life.

In another tale, Asclepius resurrected Theseus’ son Hippolytus after the king’s son was thrown from his chariot. In this version of the myth, Hippolytus is associated with Auriga constellation, the charioteer.

The healer was killed by Zeus because the god was worried that the human race would become immortal with Asclepius around to heal them. Zeus’ brother Hades, the god of the Underworld, was concerned that the flow of dead souls into his domain would dry up as a result of Asclepius’ healing ability. Hades complained about this to Zeus and the thunder god killed the healer with a bolt of lightning. Zeus later placed Asclepius’ image in the sky to honour his gift and good deeds. The healer became the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.

Ophiuchus constellation may be descended from an ancient Babylonian constellation that represented the serpent-god Nirah, who was sometimes depicted as a hybrid being, with a human head and torso, and serpents for legs. This theory, however, has not been confirmed by sufficient evidence.

The constellation got a notable mention in John Milton’s Book 2 of Paradise Lost, in which Satan was compared to a comet “that fries the length of Ophiuchus huge/In th’ arctic sky.”

yes i remade him i didnt like his old look so here you gooo
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