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In Greek mythology, Panacea (The cure everything) was the goddess of health, was the daughter of Asclepius (God of Healing) and Lampetia (Goddess glow), his sisters were Iasus (goddess of medicine) , Hygeia (goddess of cleanliness), Aglaea (goddess of vitality), they helped his father as nurses when cured some god or mortally wounded, to play a particular role. But it also had four brothers, two demigods, Podalirius and Machaon (famous surgeons and kings Tricca), a god, Telesforo (God of Recovery) and Arato, mortal hero who freed the Greek city of Sicyon.
The myth says that Panacea invented a divine level magic potion, which was able to cure existing disease which wants to exist, and also had mystical property indefinitely prolong life, even on the verge of death., To this potion became known as "Universal Panacea".

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Panacea is an experienced nurse and aware of all the cures and remedies, as he grew up under the teachings of his father Asclepius, along with his other brothers and sisters, as adults, research with the magical properties of plants, agreed a rare mixture resulted the cure for all ills, and named "Universal Panacea" (for which, in her, no one stole your idea), it tastes terribly heinous and horrible to the taste of either, but it was 100% effective, she is a nurse and help heal the gods and mortals who call, (even gods being immortal and invulnerable, there are still ways in which they can be injured).
Panacea is usually kind and gentle, and try gently to their patients, but usually always tries to give some of his potion to remedy things easily, but almost no one wants to try for the bad taste that has , ah even knowing that a certain amount ingested can give partial immortality ... nobody likes a panacea, that's something she's depressed.

(On one occasion a human, who was mortally wounded, Panacea beg, she appeared and gave her take some potion, on the drank, and immediately the vomit and died for the bad taste itself)
Panacea, depressed back home ...

She is a Goddess, therefore, their powers are immortality, omnipresence, and superhuman strength, like a goddess of health, her primary powerfull, to heal any living being.
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