Seeing Through Darkness Picture

"Tupaq" (or alternately Tupac, or Topa) is a quecha word which means something like accountant. In the Cuetzpalin mythos, Tupaq is the darkness personified, the lack of visible photonic energy and the expansive (by the way, segregating) force of the universe represented by the dark phantom energy. Tupaq is regarded as one of the nine who came into being, but his origins are still mysterious. As the first dragon (the Primordial Vovin), there's absolutely nothing which escape from his gaze, even when trapped inside his own inner organism, the Anaghra Lemah (Absolute Darkness) he still saw things which even his "brothers" could not see, and because of this he became somewhat an enemy to Hadad, the Fatherly Aethereal Light God.

Tupaq has been the mastermind behind the creation of the Centzonmimixcoa, the Ors Ohorela and ultimately the Topakhon Wars, which lasted from the 29th to the 17th centuries b.I. He is the first and most powerful of the dragons, but like all his brothers, he can change his body, if not physically, through illusion. After facing several crisis on controlling his own powers, he managed to incorporate the main Vovin Crystal related to Panacea, the Baihu ("White Tiger" in Chinese, associated to the Metal element), becoming also the most powerful necromancer and shadow traveler.

Here, Tupaq's depicted as part of his own shadows, with closed eyes but with his main eye, the Ater Adamantis, opened, so he can see what lurks on every part of the darkness. Other names which have been spoken to refer to him are Chernobog, Erebos, Wiracocha, Angra Mayniu (Ahriman), Gannag Menog, Sorath and Mahakala.
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