Sailor Polaris Picture

I absolutely love this scout. For a while, I believed I was the only creator of such a scout. But I looked and I was wrong. However, she is the only original looking Sailor Polaris that I saw. That makes me even prouder of her.
Her element is something along the line of the 5th element, void or aether.

In my version (written in my little head), she is the leader of her troop of Sailor Scouts, which are based off the Zodiac. I already realize though that several others have their own versions of these type of scouts.

However, I have also given her an alternative role that can fit into any other's Sailor Moon fanfic dreams. She is in charge of holding up the night sky as Atlas in ancient western mythology did the heavens and ensuring that the stars are always moving. In this, she is somewhat similar to Sailor Pluto in that she has a duty that she can never really leave.

Name: Either Cassiopeia or Phoenicia, Lodestar
Birthday: January 1st; Capricorn
Age: Not quite sure, but she looks around 17
Stone: Magnetite
Colors: Silver, Black and White
Symbol: Eight pointed star depicted
Personality: Calm, Self-Confident, Lonely
Likes: Reading, stargazing, story-telling
Dislikes: Being alone, things changing
Attacks: Northern Lights Spectrum-(A ribbon of lights and colors swirls around her and then stream towards the opponent when she points)
Celestial Aether Void-(She traps the opponent in a blackish sphere. It has the capabilities, depending on the trapped individual, to reform them to good or destroy them all together. Note: This move is primarily for the leader version and it is rarely seen, if not at all, in the side character)
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