It's Mythtastic Picture

I'm currently obssessed with Mythology and I'm trying to doodle a lot of the divinities into CHSTUH style.
So here is Khaos, whose name originally means 'gap' and 'space'--not the chaotic discord that you are all familiar with. That's actually a distortion of the definition due to Christians and it apparently got itself stuck in the dictionary. Khaos was never actually a personified divinity. They assumed that all that empty space out in space and the gap between the sky and the earth was the goddess itself. So yeah. I personified her. Sue me.

Then on the right of Khaos is Artemis, who is based off of nefaretabi on DeviantArt. Sorry that she look so lame, people.
Below them is Hemera, the primordial goddess of the day. Now, Khaos is the goddess of the invisible air and such..well, Aether [pronounced Eeether] is the primordial god of light and the sun. Hemera takes his glowy mist [well, I decided to make it a sash instead of mist] and spread it across the sky to make day.

The opposite of Aether is Erebos, who is the dark mist that creates the shadows on the earth. Nyx, who is on the bottom right, is the goddess of the night. Like Hemera, she takes Erebos's 'mist' and spreads it across the sky to create the dark moonlit sky.

To the left of Nyx is Aphrodite and Cupid. Aphrodite is based off of Ookibunz on DeviantArt and she looks totally lame. I may change her character design later.
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