AA: Sketchies of Faculty Picture

I never thought I'd see the day that these four would be sketched out for all the world to see. I always had them pictured in my mind but, I never really took the time to draw them out.

Top left: Say hello to Ryder Sven Wolfgang, a forty year old werewolf and professor at the prestigious Aether Academy. He teaches two classes at the institute, Combat: Weapons and Combat: Melee. He is a very happy-go-lucky werewolf with an infamous roll/flip maneuver and many of the students at the Academy consider him to be their favorite teacher. (Unfortunately for the ladies, he's married!) His eyes are normally blue in color like the eye on his left but when he's feeling mischevious or about to transform, it'll turn the gold color on the right.

Top right: Welcome Nkiruka 'Nikki' Onyekachukwu. Just call her Nikki to make things easier. She is a succubus, Ryder's cousin, and the temporary replacement for Keiliah Cian Donar when she is on medical leave for her baby. She is a kind soul with a mischevious streak like her werewolf cousin. She performs so well as the nurse of the school, Jarl hires her back to serve as the Mythological Sociology teacher. Now, the team of Nikki and Ryder can be enjoyed all throughout the school year!

Bottom left: Well....This was supposed to be a sketch of Jarl Cian Donar, the headmaster of Aether Academy but....I fail at drawing old people. He is actually not a mythological creature at all but due to his depth in magics he has essentially made himself immortal by the exposure. He is hundreds of years old and can probably do any type of technique out there in the mythological realm. (Perfect for a headmaster, no?) He is rather quirky and has a habit of sneaking up on people and yelling random three syllable things to freak people out. He's a rather fun guy.

Bottom right: Notice the similar eye color? Yep. This is Jarl Cian Donar's daughter, Keiliah Cian Donar. She's a half drow and the nurse at Aether Academy. One unique quirk about her is that she is both deaf and mute, but she is able to speak with telepathy. She is a kind soul if not a little skiddish at times and once helped Ryder through a rough patch when he was a student at Aether. (He also had a bit of a crush on her for a time before he met up with his wife.)

And those are some of your faculty members at Aether Academy! I'm sure the participants of the RP are thrilled to see these people again just as I was thrilled with sketching them out. They make me happy. :3

Please, no stealing. Can opener hair shall be the death of you. Or De Mop. One of the two.
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