Dragecia Drageer~ The Ref Sheet Picture

Verse: Minecraftia (I GUESS. :I)
Full Name: Dragecia Drageer
Pronunciation: Drag-e-see-uh Drag-ear
Nickname/Alias: Drag
Immediate Family: Her father, her mother and her older brother.
Distant Family: Everyone in her family. (Banned from the Aether.. for being too Non-ladylike.)
Parenting: Drag's father and mother were fun-loving parents until she began to sneak out, speaking to the peasants and different people of the kingdom.
Upbringing: .3. The regular ones. XD. Nah, the ones that tell you to do right and stuff.
Meaning: Wisdom
Origin: Came up with some comic I wanted to start, made this DA account, people called me Drag. THERE YA GO.
Title: In The Aether.. Yeah.. Princess. (DONTYOULAUGH.)
Pet Name: Draggy?
ID Number: M47
Signature: Like mine in the pic 8D
Gender: Female
Gender Role: Acts like a male
Real Age: 13 :3
Birthday: Mine! (2-11-99)
Birthplace: Aether?
Species: Dragon
Ethnicity: Atherian
Preferred Hand: Right
Eye Color: Yellow-orange
Crest Color: Rainbow (RAINBOWZ
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