Lazy Coloring at its Worst Picture

I will not die, I'll wait here for you
I feel alive, when you're beside me
I will not die, I'll wait here for you
In my time of dying

Three Days Grace - Time of Dying

Aaaaanyways, this picture is a sad, sad reminder of how much I still suck at art...I thought I could spice it up with my Pentel and colored pencil magic, but to no really, I think he looked better before I added the background. I have so much to learn, and yes I was too lazy to color the whole page dark blue. Plus I wanted to conserve ink, because Pentels ain't cheap.

I think I've deprecated myself enough for now, now it's time to tell you who this guy is and why I drew him. His name's Lidan, he's a Sakura, a member of a race of extraterrestrial, biomechanical beings, the Sakurim, who resemble beautiful angels. I drew him for my close friend here on deviantART, the lovely Miss Ava AKA *SeraphimFeathers, who wanted me to draw an angel over a month ago, but I never got to it due to my intense depression. But heeeere he is, so I hope you like him Ava!

The Sakurim live in the alternate world Akasha (Sanskrit for "aether," also a common term for the afterlife,) and fight against their mortal enemies the Jihanim, a race of hideous, self-righteous biomechanoids who ironically are closer to being actual angels than the Sakurim are, because they are servants of Ibrah, the god of punishment who really, REALLY isn't a nice guy.

Note: I may change the name of the Sakurim in the near future to make it less Wapanese-sounding. I'm not a weeaboo!

About Lidan

Lidan is centuries old, though he appears to be about 19. He's a skilled warrior who wields a molecularly-sharp sword, which at its edge is only a molecule thick, allowing it to cut through almost anything! In addition the sword vibrates harmonically, greatly increasing its cutting power. Yes, I know the sword looks strikingly similar to Lightning's gunblade from FFXIII, I like the design and didn't want to design a completely-original weapon on top of drawing this, aren't I?

Also, Lidan may look like an emo kid, but he's anything but angsty. He's hyper, cheerful, cocky, hotheaded and a bit arrogant despite looking like a reserved, cool-headed bishounen. His personality could be compared to the Scout from Team Fortress 2, or perhaps Sonic, or Falco from Starfox. He's also a bit of a womanizer and has flirted with Spotlight a few times, though she isn't into dating him.

Also notice his black and white armor glows blue. I tried to make it look decent (because I've pulled off glow effects with Pentel and colored pencil before and had it look stunning) but instead it wound up not looking nearly as good as I had wanted. Finally, the symbol behind him is an Aum symbol, a very significant symbol to Hindus and I think some Buddhists too. I chose that symbol because as of late I've been highly fascinated by Hinduism and Hindu mythology.

So yeah, that's Lidan, he's a badass. His theme song is "I Prefer the Sky" by Renard/The Queenstons, which fits because he's an angel and does indeed prefer the sky.

Finally, I hope you enjoy this picture more than I do, and Ava, I'm willing to mail it to you. Maybe you'll give him more love than I can, because you seem to really like my art, and I thank you for that. Encouraging me is the best way to help me grow.

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