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The basic info on the Titans- one of the main races in my Cost of War setting. The above pic shows a male Titan in military armour and a Titaness in normal clothing. The Human sillouhette between them gives a sense of scale.

General characteristics:

In appearance the Titans could be described as humanoid, though seeing as Humans are part Titan, it would probably make more sense to say that Humans are “titanoid” in their appearance.

Titans have slightly more elongated heads and slightly narrower faces than Humans. They grow no hair anywhere on their bodies other than on top of their heads and, in the case of the males, on their faces. Titans have pale smooth skin, white or light-coloured hair and slightly narrow eyes that range in colour from blue to albino.

Evolution has produced some variations on the standard Titan form. One offworld subrace of Titan , for instance, has pointed ears and a lack of facial hair for the males, and was the inspiration for the elves of mythology.

The average lifespan of a Titan is around 1000 years.


Titans are giant bipedal mammals that generally range from 9-16 metres in height, with 10-11 metres being the average. Evolution has also produced some dwarf varieties of Titan, just 6-9 metres tall.

One might wonder how the Titans are capable of even existing without breaking under their enormous mass. The answer lies with the vitalistic force- the force that organises living systems and drives evolution. This force automatically offsets gravity “mass” for all Titans, allowing them to exist without their massive size causing them any problems whatsoever.

Titans have an omnivorous diet. Due to their size, they require vast amounts of food in order to survive. Fortunately, most life-bearing planets (including Earth before the Titan Galactic War) are quite capable of meeting such resource needs.

Titan reproduction is quite slow. Females are fertile only at certain times, and then only for short periods. Female Titans give birth to only one young at a time, though they are capable of giving birth more than once in their life.

Titans have an average Sorceror Potential of around 10% (this means that about 10% of all Titans have visible psychic abilities).


The Titans are the only featured race in the setting to have evolved naturally. Their evolutionary ancestors were a type of huge aquatic mammal living in the global ocean of palaeoancient Earth.

They are not the only sentient race to have ever evolved in the galaxy though. The Pulsar Network and the Destiny Objects are the legacy of one or more alien races of unknown appearance(s) that seem to have gone extinct (or just gone elsewhere?) before the Titans even evolved.

Apart from the Titans, all races actually featured in the setting (Girtablilu, Nagas, Merbeings, Humans, etc.) are genetically created rather than naturally evolved.


The Titans are actually the most mentally stable race to feature in the setting, which may be related to the fact that they evolved naturally in a calm and stable environment (as opposed to being created for war or slave labour). Despite this though, the Titans have been responsible for many truly horrible acts throughout the history featured in the setting. Things like exploitation of created races and even the destruction of entire worlds have occurred at Titan hands.

One reason for this is that, while the race itself is generally quite calm and stable, there will always be individuals with abnormally violent and greedy dispositions and also cases of psychosis and megalomania. Another reason is that many Titans throughout history, particularly ones in high positions, have been corrupted by the strange influences of the mysterious Destiny Objects.

Due to their long lifespan, Titans generally live quite leisurely lives. It is not at all uncommon for a Titan to have a wide variety of hobbies and interests. Their long lifespan also increases learning potential and Titans place high value on such things as art and science.

Though Titans are fully terrestrial beings, they still have a love of swimming that hark back to their aquatic origins.

Habitat and Population:

When the Titans first evolved on Earth, the planet had a single vast landmass and a fairly uniform sub-tropical to temperate climate. The vast quantity of natural resources were quite capable of sustaining the enormous Titans. The Titan Galactic War and the Titan-Human War left the homeworld an impoverished shadow of its former self. The world came under the control of the smaller, more adaptable Humans.

Titan populations are fairly small and uniformly distributed. Large Titan cities were constructed on some worlds (including Earth prior to the Titan Galactic War) but generally Titans will prefer small towns. There exists little distinction between rural and urban Titan populations and classes.


From its beginnings Titan civilisation has generally been monarchial in nature. Originally there was only a single unified Titan civilisation, based Earth. Space colonisation divided Titan civilisation into various interplanetary and interstellar governments, who maintained a loose unification with each other through trade, as well as through political marriages between the royal families.

The Titan Galactic War shattered the loose unification of the various government factions and Titan civilisation developed into a variety of civilisations throughout the galaxy, with various customs, technological levels and political systems.


Due to the long lifespan of the Titans, the race's scientists are famous for vast encyclopedic accumulations of discovery. That, coupled with the fact that Titan societies generally place much value on science and technology, leads to a fairly rapid rate of technological progress.

The Titans developed quite a wide range of advanced technologies, including robotics, “free energy”, anti-gravity, other-than-light travel, laser guns, genetic-psionic engineering and horrific superweapons.

The Titan technology featured in the setting often draws its energy from ley lines- lines of hyperdimensional energy leakage crisscrossing the surfaces of planets and stars. Major leak zones are known as ley nodes. Energy leaking from 4-space explains how “free energy” is possible without violating thermodynamics.

Other-than-light interstellar travel is made possible by the technology to send spacecraft through 4-space. 4-space-drive-capable ships are enormous things built in space, unable to land on any world's surface. This is achieved by smaller spacecraft.

The Titan Galactic War saw the rapid development of several new advanced technologies, including weather manipulation, the genetic creation of hybrid races through a blend of technology and psionics, invisibility technology, and horrific superweapons like the planet-busting phase conjugate technology. It's possible at least some of these “breakthroughs” were influenced by yet another advanced technology: the mysterious Destiny Objects.

Of unknown origin, the Destiny Objects seem capable of manipulating the aether itself and work by interfacing with the user's mind. Ironically these items of supertechnology have resulted in more setbacks than progress throughout history as they set the stage for horrific wars of mass destruction.
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