dumb fantroll sprite Picture

Maybe I'll animate this one day. :I

Any who this is my dumb fantroll, Corvus. In all of his...well, whatever he is.

His symbol is supposed to be the Eye of Horus but I kind of butchered that. I kind of butchered all of this though.

    Your name is CORVUS AETHER. You don't know what the hell is going on. I don't, either. But that doesn't matter. None of this matters. Your lusus, on the other hand, matters. That clueless bird is quite possibly your ONLY COMPANION.

    You like to RESEARCH HUMAN CULTURE in your spare time, mainly all of the RELIGIONS that humans believe in. You are quite fond of their MYTHOLOGY, especially the mythology that comes from a place on Earth called EGYPT. You are of course interested in your OWN CULTURES' HISTORY, but alien planets are more interesting because, well, they're alien. You are also fond of ASTRONOMY, but you hardly understand it. It's more of a thing where you OGLE AT CELESTIAL OBJECTS IN THE SKY and wish you could wrap your head around it all.

    You don't take well to CHANGE, which doesn't result in the best of things. You also WRITE, but you don't consider it to be very good at all. And you do not let anyone else read it. NOBODY GETS TO READ IT, NOBODY. You don't know why you're on Trollian, because nobody likes you. But that's okay, because you don't like them either. In actuality you just tend to ignore everybody.
    Your trolltag is phantomEclipse carnelianCorax and you speak in a manner that is a b?t off and tends to leave others ?n un?ntent?onal ennu?.

Okay, sorry. I get way too into this kind of stuff.

This guy is mine, Homestuck isn't.

EDIT: Since I recently created 12 fantrolls to accompany this fellow, I changed his Trollhandle because I decided to do the adenine guanine cytosine thymine thing because I LIKE THAT. A lot. He was, of course, going to have the "AG", but I switched him to CC. AG is now Thunni Notius, whose talk sprite is...er...in my scraps somewhere...
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