Tannin - FionaVanyel Picture

This Dragon has been infected by the Halloween Haunt Zahambut, and must be cured before it can again participate in any activities beyond spreading the Zahambut Curse! It's only desire is to nom...nom....nom! Cured with Master Tailor Magic.

NAME: Tannin


PARENTS: Lifaya dracodoptables.deviantart.com/… and Tiamat dracodoptables.deviantart.com/…


OWNER: FionaVanyel


FEATURES: Angel Wings


EYE COLOR: Light Green

MAIN COLOR: Light Brown

This Drake uses a stock image for its texture. You can see that texture here> gild-a-stock.deviantart.com/ar… You can also see this stock image in our Faves!

LIKES: Loves Treasure, Playful Confusion, Light, Heat, Deserts, The Sun, Dryness, Mythology, Egyptian gods, Wind

DISLIKES: Loud Noises, Flour, Too Much Moisture, Dark, Shadow, Burnt-out Lightbulbs, His Books Going Missing, Unfinished Stories

Almost the exact opposite of Nocturna dracodoptables.deviantart.com/… , Tannin loves the heat and light of the desert- he's got an interest in archaeology and old mummies, though the dark of the tombs freaks him out a little, and he'd prefer to be where he can see. Strangely though, he seems to be joined at the hip with Nocturna at sunrise and sunset, and when there are places they can't go because of their light and dark preferences, they help each other out... After his time in the IMD, Tannin has a lot of adventuring to catch up on! He and Aether dracodoptables.deviantart.com/… have become excellent friends, and Aether apparently has plans for the two of them to tag-team the girl Drakeys and become quite the dynamic romantic duo! He and Aether are even inseparable at night, when they curl up together, back to back, as a defense against the darkness. (Their Companion thinks it's the cutest thing she's seen either of them do.) Tannin still loves the desert, and archaeology, and anything to do with those two subjects. Fiona, his new Companion, gave him a book on Egyptian mythology, and he's almost memorized it. His favorite god is Horus, and his favorite goddess, Bast. He wants to get a pair of wings like Aether soon, too, so that he can soar over the desert on the hot, dry winds he loves so much.
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