Snake Eyes and the Wonder Twins Picture

(With apologies to DC. I couldn't think of a better title... XD ) I think I spent way too long on this one... I blame the hair. >_<" Anyhoo, just some superhero OC's. From left to right, they are...

Aether: A synthetic humanoid, created by a government project which sought to create living weapons with unrivaled power. Gifted with powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities, she is the epitome of psionic potential. However, she's violent, antisocial and has a serious problem with authority. She cares little for anyone but her brother and Yuriale, whom she considers her best friend (though she would never admit it).

Yuriale: Real name, Sophia Katsaros. A half-gorgon heroine with living hair and a petrifying gaze which, while not quite as formidable as her mother's, is still a fearsome weapon in its own right. Strong and determined but surprisingly naive, she seems to have a strange obsession with statues... The snake on her arm? That's her trusty sidekick, Boris. He's no ordinary rattlesnake, he's actually an Ouroboros! They're very rare.
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