Lilielien Picture

This be my pretty boy (at lest I hope he's pretty to others other than me) Lilielien.

He's a race I've kind of taken from Greek (Or is it Roman) Mythology, and they're depicted, actually they are crows/ravens, however, I only took their 'job' and added onto it.

I call them; Undertakers.

Their job is to chauffeur souls to and from the Nether and Aether. The Nether is ruled by the god Zehdheil and the Aether is ruled by the goddess Aaliyah.
The chauffeured soul is usually taken straight from the body to either the Nether or Aether depending on the deeds they've committed.

As well as taking souls from their bodies to the Nether/Aether, they also take souls from the Netehr/Aether to the newly created bodies (Read; Babies)

More to come later on on the Aether, Nether, The goddess Aaliyah, the god Zehdheil and the Undertakers.

Yes, later on I'll give Lilielien a proper character sheet.

Also, I think I'm going to stick with the flat skin and render everything else (At least untill I take color theory and learn how to shade skin properly.)

Edit: Forgot to draw his veil. Hahaha.~
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