Aethereon Picture

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Height: NA
Weight: 20 lbs
Type: Flying
Noteworthy Attacks: Aeroblast, Wing Attack, Gust, Razor Wind, Sky Attack, Jump, Steel Wing
Logic of the Name: In Greek mythology, Aether was the personification of the upper air. Aethereon is a flying type.
Description: As with all eeveelutions, Aethereon is a pure elemental; that is to say, one of the few pure flying types. Incredibly light with feathers instead of fur, its many wings and even its feathers keep it aloft. The only time an Aethereon will ever touch the ground is when it dies. It is a friendly and playful pokémon, yet elusive. For an Eevee to evolve into an Aethereon, it must be traded while holding a silver wing and a rainbow wing.
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